Finding your way around the loading ramp

The approach to the next loading ramp can be a stressful situation for truck drivers. With the LKW.APP, you now know in advance what the next loading ramp looks like.

An der Laderampe zurecht finden

Die Anfahrt der nächste Laderampe kann für LKW-Fahrer und LKW-Fahrerinnen zur Stresssituation werden. Mit der LKW.APP weißt du jetzt schon vorher, wie die nächste Laderampe aussieht.


Loading ramp not yet in the LKW.APP? Suggest the loading ramp via the "+"! We will look at your suggestion and if everything fits, you will soon find the loading ramp in the loading ramps tab.


Use the search function to find loading ramps throughout Europe and see at a glance whether your next loading ramp has already been entered into the system.


On the details page of a loading ramp, you can see all the information, comments from other truck drivers and the current occupancy rate at the ramp at a glance, so that you can plan your next stop better.


Rate a loading ramp and tell your colleagues how the loading bay is currently running. Here you can also rate the infrastructure on site and thus provide better information for the next drivers. The evaluations are regularly presented to the ramp operators in order to contribute to an improved situation through transparency.


How full is the next ramp? Find out how busy the next loading ramp is and how long you have to wait accordingly. Evaluate the occupancy yourself and support your colleagues who still have to drive to the ramp today.


If you often have to visit a loading ramp, you can save it as one of your favourites. This way, you will receive the latest information about the loading ramp much faster and can quickly pass on the occupancy on each of your visits.
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Why we do it

Hi, we are Philipp & Roland from aparkado.

We want to make a difference in logistics. To do this, we are developing the LKW.APP together with our team and truck drivers.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s local or long-distance transport. We welcome all feedback to make the app even better! You can suggest something to us at any time and take part in the development.